LED Glowsticks




Introduction: LED Glowsticks

These glowsticks can be used anywhere you want to glow and in any colour you want. I invented them when trying to make my laptop stand more attractive. But you can use them as throwies by attaching a little magnet on it. I explained the instruction before on my Laminate Parque Laptop Stand project but this was before Let It Glow contest :D so i want to enter the contest with my LED Glowstick project. Same photos, but a separate project.

Step 1: Parts & Preparation

I used a soldering iron, some solder, some soldering paste, some straws, little piece of heatshrink tube to close up the soldered legs of LED's, a razor blade, scissors, some really strong black tape, and invisible scotch tape.

Step 2: Start to Make a GLOWSTICK

At first I added the straws together and cut a little to make them enough long for my project.
I inserted two LEDs at the ends of the straws and used heatshrink to make it tight.
You can use just one straw to make a LED glowstick throwie. On my project, power wasn't a problem but if u want to make a portable project with 3 volt batteries like CR2032 u must insert the LED just one end of the straw and close the other and with a tape or something. Or u can insert a burned (dead) LED as a mirror for more light effect.

Step 3: Finished Product

This is LED Glowstick in action on my Laminate Parque Laptop Stand project.



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    I tried salt in flexible tubing as a variation. It works and no liquid to leak. Also used a thin tube threaded thru a larger one and the thinner tubing filled with salt. I think glow in the dark powder and ultraviolet led's would probably work. The led's would charge the powder and the whole tube would glow.

    If you add fluorescent paint mixed with water inside the straws before you seal it it will provide a much smooter lighting throughout the tube. This eliminates the bright spots at the ends and the dimmer light in the middle.

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    I don't remember sorry. But classic electronics stores sells that. Black heatshrink...

     ok what did you do after that to make them glow? or do they just magically turn on when the lights go off.

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    Ha ha! Too funny yankeee7...
    That wasn't a nice comment.. So I am not going to answer your clever question...
    How old are you yankee? 7?

    Im old enough haha.  and i just thought it was kinda funny how you totally skipped that part.  But really, what did you do just tape some button cell batteries onto the ends or put a bunch of switches and wires and stuff on it?

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    I used them on my laptop stand. So i just wired the leds to a USB cable and used the electricity of my laptop.. That is another instructable of mine if you are interested, you can see that too on my instructables page...