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_Please Vote For Me in the Wicked Lasers Contest 

Hello Instructables!  This is my entry for the Wicked Lasers Contest.  I am entering because I have always had a fascination with lasers, and would love to be the owner of on of the high powered burning lasers that are out of my price range!  So heres how I got the idea:  I have seen quite a few instructables on light art, where the artist stands in front of the camera and waves a flashlight or L.E.D. in front of the camera, and this is basically the same thing, just with a laser!  All you need is a laser, a camera, and a tripod.  Set your camera so that you can adjust the exposure time, and make sure you will have enough time to draw the entire image.  It is very difficult to get used to, so don't get too frusturated right away!  I found it almost impossible to draw a straight line! 



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    I just use a red laser pointer from the dollar store. The exposure refers to the setting on most cameras that changes how long the picture is taken. On older cameras that use film it refers to how long the film is exposed to the light. You should be able to change the exposure settings if you go into a digital camera's menu or if you happen to be using a film camera by turning the exposure dial. Hope that helps!

    It depends on the camera. Depending on what type of camera you have you might have to change modes to be able to play with the exposure (it is usually used during nightime shooting or other low light applications) and some cameras might not let you play around with the exposure at all. Hope that helps!


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    Hello if you want to see something amazing with a laser see my LASER GRAFFITI "HOW TO"


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    Cool, I've been meaning to try out the whole light photography thing. Just tested it with my green laser.

    Attached is a pic of me testing it.

    It says 'Steve'. Honest :P My writing skill apparently isn't as good as yours, haha.

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    yeah, it is really hard to get used to writing with a laser. It also works better if you turn off the lights.

    Heya, I did have all the lights turned off. With an shutter time of about 5 seconds. But I had the ISO set quite high and my camera is a beast at slurping in light :p

    No doubt I could play with the settings but this is fine as a proof of concept :)

    How many tries did it take before you wrote 'LASER' that clearly?


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    I combined my laser-torch ( with your laser writing and this (see attached image) was the outcome. Nice, eh!?


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    Hey there, light drawing is so much fun and really easy to do! I love what you've done.

    You should know that for the laser contest you'll need to use an actual laser in the Instructable in order to be eligible to win.

    Thanks for sharing this :)

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    i did use a laser. I stood behind the camera and drew on the wall in front of the camera. I did not use an led or a flashlight.