Laser Cut Acrylic Key Fob

This was my first laser project that I made at TechShop after I took a laser course.

I wanted to make my son a key fob and I wanted something that was different.

This was made from some 1/4" scrap that was in the bin.

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Step 1: Create the Art in Corel Draw

Create an RGB color palette based file in Corel Draw.  Red hairlines are the cut lines.  I'm using the green just so that I can get some idea on the screen as to how big the letters are. 

I used a stencil font so that the that interior of the "A" would not fall out.

After I laser cut the key fob with the initials, I deleted them, and re-ran the file to cut the blue backing piece.

Step 2: Prep the Acrylic and "glue" Together With Weld-On

Take a some 220 sand paper and scratch up the acrylic so that the "Weld-On" will glue the two pieces together.

Carefully apply the weld-on to the acrylic -- watch out because it is very thin.

Wait for it to dry for about 10 minutes, then Insert a key ring.   

I made it at Tech Shop.

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