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  • Vacuum Kiln or Atomic Bomb -- You Decide

    Hi -- Sorry it took so long for me to respond. You are welcome. This is the reference that I used to build the kiln: must put heat into kiln. This book talks about the fact that since the wood is in a vacuum, you need to use heat that transfers via contact.The black pipe is a 6" threaded 3/4" black pipe from Home Depot. You need to tap the 12" diameter PVC. I purchased the taps at Harbor Freight. You need to use a PID and make sure that you keep the heat input as low as possible or the wood will crack.The issue with the pump is that you need to get as close to 29.5 (adjusted for altitude) as possible -- You need a pump that will work for A/C freon systems.If you have more questions -- I will answer sooner.

    You are welcome. I am sorry -- but I don't know about entomology. I would suggest that you contact the agriculture department of a state "Ag school" and ask a professor.

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