Laser-Cut Minimalist IPad Air Stand

Introduction: Laser-Cut Minimalist IPad Air Stand

I was in the market for a super light and packable stand for my iPad, but couldn't find one i liked that fit my budget. What to do? Make one, of course. I made mine at TechShop.

The tools and supplies you'll need for this are:

  • Acrylic sheet, 1/8" thick (make sure you're using acrylic, as some plastics give off toxic fumes when burned)
  • Laser cutter

That's pretty much it!

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Step 1: Design

I wanted something that didn't take up a lot of space, but was sturdy enough to hold my 'iPad in portrait or landscape mode. So, off to TechShop I went, and fired up AutoCAD.

The concept is straightforward - two sides with a center support. The iPad can sit at a 25 or 30 degree angle, depending on which side you use.

I've made a Corel Draw file available here if you'd like to download it and just use my pattern, or improve on it yourself. This pattern is sized for the iPad air. Other tablets may fit, or you may need to widen the slots a little.

Step 2: Cut the Pieces

If you want to etch a pattern on your stand at the same time you cut it, remove the paper from the top side of your film. It's hard to see on the white acrylic, but I etched the TechShop logo.

Run the job, and cut your parts. It should only take a couple minutes to finish.

Step 3: Assemble the Stand

To put the pieces together, start with one side and the center strut. Slide the center support through the slot in the side, until you hit the retention tabs at the end.

Next, slide the other side onto the center strut.

Place the locking tab into the slot in the center strut, so that it doesn't go anywhere.

Your iPad should now fit nicely in the angled grooves.

Step 4: Collapsing for Storage

Dissassemble the parts in the reverse order of the last step.

Arrange all three parts so that the slot in the center of each part is aligned. Place the locking tab in its storage place as shown in the first picture. Slide the storage lock through all three parts, and then lock in place with the locking pin. That's all there is to it!

Idead for version 2.0

  • Better locking pin solution. Something like this would be ideal, but then you lose the simplicity of the entire thing being made from acrylic.
  • Non-slip material for the feet.

Do you have any idea for improvements? Let me know!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks fantastic, however the file link is dead. Any chance of an update?

    Great work!!