Leather American Football



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You can have this acrylic pattern from here:


There are 2 sizes: No.6 and No.9


Hardware: You should buy ball bladder, each ball bladder with rope, rope lace tool and ball pump needle gift. You can buy 1 kit acrylic pattern, but more kits ball bladder to make more footballs.

Leather: We advice 2.2mm-2.8mm (5.5oz-7oz) leather;

Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here: http://www.leathercraftpattern.com/leather-tools-leathercraft-tools/leather-tool-kit/leathercraft-tools-leather-craft-patterns-leather-art-leather-carving-tool


Step 1: Cut 4 Pieces Leather Use Acrylic Pattern.

Step 2: Thin All Edges to 1.4mm.

Step 3: Glue Cloth As Lining on Each Piece's Flesh Side.

Step 4: Punch Stitching Holes

Step 5: Use the Pattern to Cut Breaches on 2 Pieces of Leather, Also Punch Rope Holes (5-5.5mm).

Step 6: Sew Lining Cloth and Surface Leather Together Around the Rope Holes..

Step 7: Sew 2 Pieces Leather Together Grain Side to Grain Side As Picture Show.

Step 8: Go on Sewing. the Next Steps Will Be in Video.

Step 9: Cut the Redundant Teat to Finish the Football.



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