Leather Short Wallet by Improved Pattern




Introduction: Leather Short Wallet by Improved Pattern

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You can download the PDF pattern from here:


Hardware: 20mm concho button x1 Leather: We advice 1.6mm (4oz) leather about 35cm x 70cm.

Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here:


Step 1: Paint Gum Tragacanth on Flesh Side, and When It Is Half Dry, Polish by Wood Slicker

I had developed some wood slicker, you can have it here:


Step 2: Cut All Pieces Off. Here Because We Add Some Card Slots and a Photo Slot. This Is DIY, Just Do What You Want, There Is No Rule.

Step 3: Polish the Photo Slot Edge by 1000# Sand Paper, and Bevel the Edge.

Step 4: Draw Decoration Lines on Card Slots.

Step 5: Polish All Edges With Rubber Edge Gum.

Step 6: Sew Plastic Film on Photo Slot.

Step 7: Sew Zipper On.

Step 8: Sew Coin Case on Lining.

Step 9: Paint Glue on Edge, Polish the Edge and Sew Edges Together.

Step 10: The Client Wants More Card Slots, So More Card Slots Is Designed for Him. Please Look at the Steps to Understand the Construction. Finally Sew Them on Lining Too.

Step 11: Now We Sew the Middle Stitching Line of Lining. Glue Double-side Tape On, Draw Stitching Line and Punch Holes, We Will Sew It Later.

Step 12: Punch Holes on Strap to Install Concho Button, Only Punch Holes, We Will Install It Later.

Step 13: Glue Lining on Surface’s Flesh Side and Polish Edges.

Step 14: Punch Holes Around on Glued Surface and Lining, Sew Them Together.

Step 15: Process the Edges As Before.

Step 16: Now Sew Middle of Lining to Have a Nature Bending Effect.

Step 17: Install Concho Button On.

Step 18: Paint Mink Oil to Finish This Wallet.

Add a swivel stud as a gift for him. Then he can add a chain with hook to take it on his waist belt.

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