Led Light Up Valentine's Day Card

Introduction: Led Light Up Valentine's Day Card

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I am making this card for my wife. It was inspired by one I made years back and she liked that one so I figured why not try to improve on it.The first on used a conductive ink pen that has dried out and she was not that impressed that it was wireless. For that reason I used wires for this one the pen was not cheap and I am.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies



Exacto knife


Construction paper

Card stock

2 leds


Duct tape

Female to female wires

cr2032 batteries

Yellow tissue paper

Sticker letters

Step 2: Cut Out All Parts

Pink paper

3x1.5" with an oval in the center

3x3" make into a letter "U"

Red paper

3.5x3.5" make a heart from this (I like to make a stencil with half a hart trace and flip and trace)

Blue paper

5x5" for the sky (cut about a 1" circle out for the sun)

White paper

cut out some clouds for the sky


Brown paper

.5" circle for the iris

an eyebrow

Step 3: Assemble

To start fold the two pieces of cardstock in half. With your exacto knife put two small holes where the pupil will go on the outside sheet. Put the anode and cathode of one of the led through the holes. Glue all the pieces of the eye together and with the exacto knife put a hole in the iris for the led pupil. Below the eye where the heart will go make two holes that will be behind the two arches of the heart. Glue a piece of aluminium foil to the back of the heart just where the holes for the batteries are this will complete the circuit and light the leds.Fold the white strip like a spring fold at a 90% in the center bring the back piece over the top and repeat.Glue the spring to the bottom of the heart.Lay it out where it will go but don't glue yet.glue the "U" underneath the heart. On the inside piece of cardstock make two small holes on the right side where the sun will be and just like for the eye put the two prongs of the led through.Wire it all together like the diagram above duct tape the wires down to keep separate and right where you want them.Strip both ends that go to the battery stick them through the hole in the outside piece superglue the batteries down to hold the wires. Put them where the heart will cover them up and the foil will complete the circuit. Glue down the heart with the spring so it acts like a switch. Glue the tissue paper on the back of the blue for the sun make it lose so the led won't poke through. Glue the blue sky on the inside cardstock in the top right corner line up the led with the sun. Glue the clouds on the sky. Put the stickers on the left side of the inside cardstock. Tape the two pieces of cardstock together with half a strip of duct tape.

Step 4: Give to Your Loved One

If you put it in an envelope put a piece of scrap paper on top of the batteries. I hope you enjoyed making this card and I hope whoever gets it enjoys it as well.

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