Lemon Rasam (Indian Tomato Lentil Soup)

Introduction: Lemon Rasam (Indian Tomato Lentil Soup)

This is my simple Lemon rasam recipe!

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Step 1: Ingredients

- 1 c toor dal
- 1 tomato
- 1 large green chilli
- 1 t ginger paste
- 1/2 t turmeric powder
- 1 1/2 t rasam powder
- a pinch of asofetida
- salt to taste
- juice of half a lemon or 2 t bottled lemon juice (if you don't have lemons in hand)
- coriander leaves (a few)
For tadka:
- 1 t ghee
- 1 t mustard seeds

Step 2: Setting the Rasam in the Pressure Cooker

In a pressure cooker add the cooked toor dal, chopped chilli and tomato, ginger paste, turmeric, rasam powder, asofetida and salt. Then add 2 cups water and let it pressure cook for 1 whistle.

Step 3: How to Cook Toor Dal?

To cook the toor dal:
- rinse and clean 1 c toor dal
- in a pressure cooker add toor dal and 2 cups water
- pressure cook for 3 whistle
- let it cool before using

Step 4:

Once the rasam has slightly cooled, open pressure cooker and add in the lemon juice and stir. At this stage taste it to see if you need more of anything.
If you need more salt or rasam powder or lemon juice just adjust to your taste.

Step 5:

Add the copped coriander to your rasam and give it a quick stir.

Step 6: Tadka

Place a small pan on the stove over medium flame. Add the ghee and once it's slightly heated add mustard seed and let it splutter.
Then remove from heat and add to the rasam and give it a stir.

Step 7:

Now transfer to a bowl and serve, or just serve from pressure cooker!

Best served with hot rice.

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