Levitating Homopolar Motor

Introduction: Levitating Homopolar Motor

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To do this experiment you need DC current (I used 3,7V 3000 mA rechargable battery), two small wires, big ferrite ring magnets, small neodymium magnets and pyrolytic graphite tiles.


Step 1: Adjust the Ferrite Magnets

Takes a little bit of testing but it's relatively easy to find the right distances. Making magnets levitate with diamagnetic forces of pyrolytic graphite is not that hard. You can also use aluminium, bismuth, copper and other diamagnetic materials but pyrolytic garphite has the strongest diamagnetic value of any material known to man.

Step 2: Run DC-current Through the Magnet

Attach the wires to a battery and connect them to the levitating neodymium magnets. Other wire to the side and another one between the to magnets.

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    2 years ago

    Amazing experience and music!!!

    Magnet Tricks1
    Magnet Tricks1

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    Thank you very much! :)