Light Up Stump

Introduction: Light Up Stump

This light up stump can be used in very different ways. You can use it as a coffee table, even a seat for around the camp fire, you can easily create several of these to light up your walkway, or a light for when you walk your dog in the darkest of nights.

Step 1: Getting Your Stump

Choose your stump. You can pick any size or shape you would like. I went with a large, thicker stump so it's multi-purposed.

Step 2: Making Your Top

For the top of the stump I used a piece of plywood that I cut into a 13x13 square. I used a stain of my choice to match the stump. I choice 13x13 because it leaves an over hang, so you can hide the LEDs better.

Step 3: Applying LEDs

To put the LEDs on the stump, I soldered 3 different LED colors in parallel. I simply used electrical tape to keep the lights together. To get the LEDs to stay on the stump I used a staple gun and stapled the lights securely onto the wood.

Step 4: Attaching the Top

To attach the top piece of plywood, I simply screwed 4 nails into it to make sure it's stable.

Step 5: Finished

At this time you should have a finished product. You can use it as a chair, table, or even just for decorating.

Happy instructing :))))))

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