Light of My Life Valentine

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Inspired by this tutorial, I made my sweetie a steampunky symbol of my love.

It was all made from stuff I had lying around. The base is the broken top of an old thermos attached to a mason jar lid. The label is just aluminum foil glued to cardboard with a little paint rubbed over it.

To make the wire heart wider than the opening at the bottom of the light bulb I opened it up with two shish kabob skewers after it was inside (think: ship inside bottle).

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very good thinking,Paint the heart white,and add red LED hid in the screw part of the bulb,and it may look as though the heart is glowing.Maybe red heart,and white LED,hell I dont know,looks good as is.

    A must build forany Steampunk devotees. I'm going to make one that lights up and, depending on difficulty, has my initials and my girlfriends. This Instuctable is great and best of all, easily changed from Valentines to what not. Thanks for publishing.