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Introduction: LightUP Wire Flower Earring

About: I'm a maker and craftreprenuer! VP of the Fairfield County Makers Guil, I love to "create" and come up with new and unconventional ways to use everyday things to make life a little bit more exciting…

SO! This is a kind of unconventional earring.

Wire wrapped and equipped with an adafruit Sequin LED this can help you glow at any upcoming music festival! We'll assume you have the following skills already in your arsenal and necessary tools:

  • Soldering
  • Using jewelry wire
  • Creating a circuit

Step 1: Gather Your Parts and Tools!

Here's your parts/tools list:

- Micro lithum cell CR1220 and battery cell holder

- 20 Gauge jewelry wire - non tarnish if possible

- 28 gauge jewelry wire - can use anything thinner than the 20 guage above

- chain nose pliers

- 1 sequins LED from

- Magnet wire from Radioshack

- soldering iron and solder

- nail file or small instrument for filing

Step 2: Make Wire Ear Outline

For this step you'll want to cut off and gently bend enough wire that will roughly cover the length of your ear from top to bottom plus 1.5 inches as shown.

This is 9 inches of wire in this image.

for the flower end, this is where you will want to get creative, use your pliers to make an easy 3 prong flower-like shape.

(the beauty of jewelry wire is you can bend and bend and bend until you are happy with your shape)

Step 3: Create LED Circuit

This is the tricky step!

Utilizing, your soldering prowess, create your soldered circuit. You can find several instructables on how to solder if you need direction. We will not be covering that here.

- Ensure your magnet wire ends are stripped back of the outer core

- Attach your switch to your battery holder and conductive wire ends

- Attach your sequins to your solder ends

- Bnd your circuit into the same relative shape as your earring

You should end up with a very short structured, but bendable circuit

Step 4: Attach Your Earring and LED

if you have a helping hand tool, you can use it to hold your earring wire and led together as pictured.

Once you've got your circuit nestled comfortably inside your earring loop, take your thinner guage wire and secure both pieces together by wrapping around them - starting just above the sequin LED end.

You'll want to wrap all the way around the whole length of the wire that doesn't have your flower on the end.

If any of the wire sticks out beyond the battery, you can cut it off just above it to prevent it from scratching you.

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    pat didion
    pat didion

    5 years ago on Introduction

    i would add a flower or butterfly to add in the middle of the light cute idea!! two thumbs up!!


    5 years ago

    i normally don't take a second look at jewlery instructables but this is too cool!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is really great, I'm going to try this out! Quick question, where'd you find the battery holder?


    5 years ago

    Awesome project! Looking forward to making it myself!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing how it comes out!