LinkitONE MP3 Player




LinkitONE is a amazing thing for electronics beginners. It
even makes it easy to play music, interface wifi and BT. Here I’ll be showing
you how you can make your own song player using an SD card and Linkit board.

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Step 1: Tools Required

- LinkitONE

- Earphones

- SD card with some music

- Battery pack for Linkit

Step 2: Copy Music to SD Card

Copy some music from your PC to your SD card. Make sure its in MP3 format only as we can
only play mp3 with the linkit board.

Step 3: Programming

Burn this code to your board-

void setup()

void loop()
LAudio.playFile(storageSD, "file.mp3");

Step 4: Insert SD Card

Insert SD card to your linkit.

Step 5: Play Some Songs

Now you can easily play songs on your board. Just power it on and see the magic.

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    3 years ago

    Can you tell me final prize??
    how much money need to made this??