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About: 18 years working for Thermacore Inc. but, now unemployed. I work with my wife running an at home day care and Ebay store which are both doing pretty good. I am a part time artist (for the most part self taug...

This was my first liquid cooler for a PC and the main point of my design was to test out an idea to use copper metal foam in the exchanger to enhance performance.

 The performance was .013 Degrees per watt at 100 watts. 

I Worked for 18 years in the electronics cooling industry for Thermacore Inc. I had to hide the pump and water block per there request.

Sorry, I do not have pictures of the build but, I did not plan on putting this on Instructables when I built it.

The last picture was done in sketchup and is to give you an idea of what my exchanger is built like minus the fan duct work.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my Instructable or anything about Electronics cooling (heat pipes, vapor chambers, thermosiphons or any other type of cooling) I am more than happy to help. You can ask here or E-mail me at



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    That is the hardest part of this. Just do a Google search on copper metal foam and see if any will sell it to you. It is expensive and since it is a new thing most company's want to make your product for you with there meta foam in it. Ther are a couple of company's that will sell it out right. I actually used copper milling filings/shavings in the one I made. At the time I had the use of a hydrogen furnace and I was able to sinter it into the tube.

    The thought had occured to me and I was going to use our very cold well water to cool it through a direct die cooler that I had made. I would have to make a new one since the chip I used on my prototype was only a Pentium 3 btu, that will also have to wait.