Loom Band Bracelet/key Chain

Introduction: Loom Band Bracelet/key Chain

This is an easy way to make bracelets or key chains with just your hands loom bands and a C clip or key chain metal loop.

What you need:

Your hands

Loom bands

C clip or metal keychain loop.

You can buy loom bands here:


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Step 1: Step:1Gather Loom Supplies

Gather your loom bands, clips and your hands.

Step 2: Step:2 Pesition Your Hands Correctly

Make a peace sign with your hands.

Step 3: Step:3 Start the Bracelet.

With your other hand twist the first band once, then put two more bands on top.

Step 4: Step:4 THE NEXT STEP(easy)

Bring the first side up and over the first finger then let it fall onto the top of the band, then repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Step:5 THE (OTHER) NEXT STEP (also Easy)

Add two more bands on above the other ones.

Step 6: Step:6 a Step (SUPER SIMPLE!!!!!)

Bring the first band up and over then bring the other side up and over, just like step 4.

Step 7: Step:7 Repeat As Needed.

Keep repeating everything except do not add another twisted band. Repeat until desired length.

Step 8: Step:8 Attach the Two Ends

Attach the two ends with a C clip.(If you dont have a C clip you can knot them together with string or twine.

And that's how you make a loom band bracelet.

Step 9: Step:9 How to Make It Into a Keychain.

If you want to make a keychain instead just add a metal keychain loop to one end.

Your finished!

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    4 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 day ago

    Really nice job! I didn't know you could make these designs without the rainbow loom :)


    Reply 17 hours ago



    3 days ago on Step 9

    Great job and you did well describing exactly how to make them! I am proud of you!


    Reply 3 days ago