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Introduction: Loom Band Pencil Grip

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This is a really cute design for a pencil grip that I used to make the grip for my loom pick. So throughout this tutorial, I used a new app called Pixlr to create my collages, if you can tell. This will be the new app I use for collaging from now on. Anyways, let's get started. Oh, and this grip needs a moveable loom unless you do it sideways, which will be hard. Sorry=(

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this grip, you will need...
-1 moveable loom
-Lots and Lots of bands (2 or more colors)
-1 loom pick or crochet needle
-1 pencil (for a pencil grip model)
-1 charm (optional)

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

So now we can start! This will probably take a while, so make sure you're comfortable=) First, make sure your loom is in a rectangular position, as shown above. Then take a single band and twist it into a figure eight. Then place it at the bottom of your loom. Then twist another one into a figure eight and place it as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Your Charm

Now, if you don't want a charm attached to your pencil grip, just twist another band into a figure eight and place it as shown, but without the charm. The charm I'm using is the Pickachu I invented in one of my tutorials, but you don't have to have the same one as me (durr). So then take your charm and place a band through the holding band. Then twist the band you placed through the holding band into a figure eight and place as shown.

Step 4: Finish It Off

Now place one more single band as shown. As you can tell, the bands are placed in a sort of square shape. Now you're done with the bottom of it.

Step 5: Another Square

Now that the bottom is done, you will learn how to place the bands the way you will place them for the rest of the tutorial. From now on, there will be no need for making figure eights with your rubber bands. Instead, follow the picture.

Step 6: Add Yet Another Square

Using the same steps as the last step, add another square. Now you have three layers.

Step 7: Looming Like You Mean It

Now you will learn how to loom it. First of all, did you see the very bottom layer from the step before this one? You're always going to loom only the bottom layer every time you add more bands. So, don't go inside any bands! That's a big no no! Stay on the outside and grab the bottom two bands and bring them over that peg to the middle as shown in the picture. Do the same on all of the four corners as shown.

Step 8: Add Another Layer

Every time you finish looming the bottom of the square and you only have two layers, you need to add another layer. It's the same way every time. Place, loom, place, loom, place, loom. Loom it again. Place more bands. Loom it again. The same process. Repeat this process until the grip has reached your desired length.

Step 9: Removing the Grip

When your pencil grip is long enough, you have to remove it. Personally, I prefer shorter grips, but you may like longer ones, so do as you please. So to remove the grip, grab all of the bands on a peg and bring it diagonal, as shown in the picture. Then grab some other bands from another peg, as shown. Finally, do one more so that one peg is holding all of the bands. The steps are shown in the picture.

Step 10: Tie It Off

Now let's tie it off. Take your loom pick or crochet needle and stick it through all of the bands. Then put a single band on the hook part of your pick or crochet needle and pull it through all of those rubber bands. Then create a slip knot by pulling one end of the single band through the other end as shown.

Step 11: Take It Off

Then carefully take your grip off of the loom and put it on your pencil. It may take a while to get it on, but when it's on, wrap the single band you used to tie the grip off around your pencil a few times as shown.

Step 12: Use It, Give It, Love It!

Yay! Now you have a super cute pencil grip that you made by yourself. You can use it, give it to someone else, and, of course, love it! Thank you so so so much for viewing! Enjoy!



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I am also pokefan

I am also pokefan

I am also pokefan

I am also pokefan

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