Low Profile Monitor Mounts

Introduction: Low Profile Monitor Mounts

these mounts are thin and have a low profile allowing for effective space management. The max weight is dependent on the the surface its attached to however it should be able to hold 30kg minimum this project can be scaled up or down for TV's or smaller screens.


-Hacksaw or angle grinder for cutting the plates

-Power drill or drill press for drilling holes

-A welder TIG/MIG/ARC (MIG recommended) alternatively each plate could be made from one piece removing the need for a welder


4mm mild steel sheet the width and height is dependent on the width between the monitors screw holes

4mm mild steel sheet approx 40mm by 100mm for the hooks

2-4 drywall/wood screws

2-4 machine screws that fit into your monitor usually come from the stand

(optional) plaster board wall plugs for attaching into plaster

All the steps are in my video : 1 Week Builds Ep-2 (Monitor mounts)


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    2 Discussions

    DIY Jet Engine Guy
    DIY Jet Engine Guy

    3 years ago

    this would definitely work with a tv just make sure to scale the material thickness the amount of screws etc for the weight

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great idea. I was considering making a TV mount frame out of 1x2's. But this looks a lot better.