MacGyver's Talisman

Introduction: MacGyver's Talisman

+2 Int, +2 Resourcefulness when carried. Can be used 10 times, then is broken and cannot be repaired.

Step 1: Required Materials

1 partially used bottle of Super Glue
1 Rubber band, 1mm x 1mm x 4 cm diameter (Experiment with what size works for you and your paperclip)
1 paper clip
1 bobby pin
1 x 1.6 cm x 9 cm strip Gorilla Tape
1 x 0.5 cm x 6.5 cm strip Gorilla Tape

Step 2: Assembly, Step 1

Iron out Superglue bottle appropriately. Wrap wide gorilla strip evenly across the center of the bottle as shown.

Step 3: Assembly, Step 2

Take the paperclip and bend the outer leg outward. This designates it as the tool to clear out the superglue bottle when necessary. Do not bend the other leg as it will not clip onto the glue bottle well. Wrap the thin Gorilla tape strip as shown.

Step 4: Assembly, Step 3

Attach paperclip to superglue bottle. This paperclip tensions the walls of the glue bottle together so that dispensing is easy to control. It slides easily along the gorilla tape wrapping.

Step 5: Assembly, Step 4

Attach rubber band and bobby pin as shown. These serve no function for the glue bottle, but are useful in many situations.

Step 6: Function Review

The paperclip acts to make glue control easy in any situation. The pieces of tape can be used to hold a glued item in place while curing, or used alone. The rubber band and bobby pin can be used in combination, as well as the paper clip and bobby pin. Thick gel super glue has the widest range of utility! Do not put this in your pocket, or anywhere where glue would be undesirable.

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