Mad Professor Steampunk Lamp!

Introduction: Mad Professor Steampunk Lamp!

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Having seen loads of great light ideas on this site i thought I'd give a couple a go.
This one i didn't really think warranted an instructable so its 'only' a slideshow.

Let me know if you want one on this though?

Its just an old brass lampfitting wired to the internals of a UK dimmer switch with a 250v ac analogue meter wired in parallel with the lamp.



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    Would love an instructable Would be a great addition to my list of things to build

    I'd love an instructable - especially one that showed a closer look at the circuit. That isn't a 240v voltmeter is it? Is the winding down of the current for the globe enough? How many volts is it?

    I was thinking of making one of these steampunk guns with working lights which run of a 12v rechargable battery (which I'd hide of course =).

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    Definitely worth an ible!

    I can almost hear it humming in the bright photos.

    In fact, if it doesn't hum, I demand that you add a device to make it hum as it gets brighter.


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    You win!!! Instructions just posted but sorry Kiteman, the only thing humming are my fingers! Enjoy and be NICE.