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I think almost everyone that has a drill can agree with me that losing a bit or a screw while making a project is the worst thing that could ever happen. EVER!

I decided that I want to keep the bits that I used most often on my drill so they won't get lost, Using magnets. This also makes it really easy to switch between them when needed...

Let's get started!

Step 1: What You'll Need:


A Hard-Drive Magnet (I salvaged one from a laptop HDD, These are smaller than regular HDD magnets)


Drill & Bits (Obviously...)


Glue Mixing Stick




Why: Keep your bits on hand!

Protection Gear Needed: None

Cost (for me): FREE

Needed Skills: Filing & Epoxy-ing

Approximate Time: ~5 Minutes

Step 2: Roughen (File) the Surface of the Drill & Magnet

After deciding where I want to position the magnet, I used a file to roughen the surface of the drill and the magnet. This helps the Epoxy adhere better

Step 3: Glue & Clamp

After that, I mixed up some 2-Part Epoxy, And smeared it onto the back of the magnet, Making sure that it covered the whole surface.

I clamped it to the drill by holding it tightly with my hands because I couldn't use a C-Clamp (It would attract the magnet and pull it off...)


DONE! Now my bits will never get lost!

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