Make 350W Power Inverter 12V 220V From OLD Computer Power Supply




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Hi Guy today we make Make 350W Power Inverter 12V 220V From OLD Computer Power Supply

Step 1: Step 1: Watch This Video

This video show you how to make 350W inverter from old computer power supply.

Step 2: Step 2: Make the Schematic

In this schematic i use Sg3525 and 2 mosfet IRF3205 with transformer from old PC power supply.

The max power can reach 350W.

I use Eagle software for make Schematic.

Step 3: Make PCB by Upload Gerber File to the JLCPCB.COM

Go to JLCPCB.COM for make PCB online

Only 2$ /10pcs for 2 layer PCB and Big Discount on First order Shipping

Upload your gerber files and fill in Shipping Adress then click PAY.

Step 4: Received Your PCB After 2 Day

The PCB look great and so beauty

Step 5: Order the Component

List of part here:

You can buy it from any electrical store.

1 x heat sink

2 x IRF3205

4x 150Kilo ohm resistor

1 x 47 ohm resistor

3 x 10kilo ohm resistor

2 x 100 ohm resistor

3 x 20kilo ohm resistor

4 x FR307 Diode

1 ATX transformer (from old computer power supply)

1 x resistor 330kilo ohm

3 x 104 capacitor.

1 x 102 capacitor.

1 x 100uf/16v capacitor

1 x 1000Uf/16v capacitor

1 x 220uF/400v capacitor

1 x IC KA3525 (Sg3525)

1x Inductor( from PC power supply

Step 6: Solder PCB

Solder all component to PCB. We have the name on the top PCB. So this very easy

Step 7: Check Again.

Check all component were correct.

Step 8: Finish and Test

1: Connect the output with Load.

2: Connect input with battery. I use 12V battery

Be Careful with high voltage, electric shock will kill you do not touch any output component

Thank for watching

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3 Discussions


Question 4 months ago on Step 8

What is the output waveform & frequency? Can i run an inductive load (FAN) on this?


1 year ago

Saying that this is made from an old psu is like saying you made a car from a spare tire... you used 2 commonly available parts from a psu and purchased a whole lot more & a custom pcb. Granted you could mention that in your parts list that these could be obtained from an old psu but the title to me implies that by reconfiguring and adding only a few parts to an old psu you made an inverter.

1 reply