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Two weeks ago, I hand out with my friends in Boston. We went to a Korean restaurant at the Boston common. When I opened up the manual the seafood omelette caught my eyes. It looks good and expense, and cost almost $20 dollars for the order. We design to have a try and end up being the best dish at the night. When I got home, I'm start to browsed the web and see if can duplicate. After few try and fail in a week, I was finally made it. In this manual I’m going to show your how to makes a delicious sea food omelets. Is easy to make and the whole process can be done within 15 minutes. In the following instruction I will show your step by step and preparation of ingredient. But first, let’s take a look of the stuffs we need before we start

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Most of of ingredients you can find at the local super market, if you can't find it then try to go to the near Chinese market and they should be all in there for you to pick up. They are not hard to find and not expensive either. Try to get all the seafood as fresh as possible, because it makes taste a lot more better than the frozen one.

Ingredients (For Two Serving)

3 Eggs

4 Tbsp water

2 Tbsp fried flour

2 piece green shallot

1 bunch cilantro

1 Tsp Oyster sauce

1/3 Tsp dash pepper

1 Tsp olive oil

4 piece fresh big shrimps

1 bag frozen oysters

Tool You Need

1 big plate

1 small bowl

1 big bowl

1 cutting board

1 kitchen knife

1 cooking pan

1 strainer

1 spatula

1 small pot

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients

    • Crack all the eggs in a small blow and light beat for 3 minute.
    • Peel off the shell from all the shrimps and cut them into small pieces.
    • At the same time, boil some water with your small pot and then put all the oyster into small pot for 1 minute to kills the bacterial. ( Warning ! if you have children in your house, make sure they are away from stove and not get hurt by the boil water)
    • Use the strainer to drain water from the oysters.
    • Use the kitchen knife cut all the green shallots and cilantro into small pieces. (Warning ! Please keep your knife a wait from your children and watch out your fingers when you doing the work)
    • Mix water with the fired flour and beat them together until it shows glue like. Usually take 3-5 minutes.

    Step 3: Mix the Ingredients

    Now we have everything ready. Put everything into a big blow and stirs them up together with the oysters, shrimps, pepper, oyster sauce, green shallot and fired flours water for two minutes.

    Step 4: Start to Cook

    Turn on your stove with the full power and heat up the cooking pan for two minutes. After two minutes, start to pour the olive oil into your cooking pan. Make sure the oil is cover over the pan that way the omelet wouldn't be sticky by the time when you do the flip process.Wait other one minutes minute for the pan to heat up, then start to pour the mix ingredient into the pan and for now, let them cook for three minutes.

    Step 5: Mix the Seafood With the Beaten Eggs

    After five minutes cook, start to pour half of the beaten eggs into the seafood mix and continue fired with other two minutes and turn the stove with half power that way the seafood mix wouldn't be over cook.

    Step 6: Flip the Omelet

    Everything looks good so far. Let's test your cooking skill for second, use your spatula and gently push the side around the omelet and places a big plate on top of it, then flip it over to other side of the omelette. As you can see I'm was screwed up with the flipping process, but don't worry, we'll pour the other half of beaten egg into the pan to finish the job. Now everything is ready, and all you have to do is wait for other five minute to finish the cook.

    Step 7: Enjoy Your Omelet

    Congratulation. You just make your first seafood omelet today. Right now take the omelet out gently with you spatula and place nicely into plate, then take out all the cilantro and place it on top of the omelet. At the end, you can mix with any of your favor sauce. For myself, I'm preferred ketchup, because it marriage perfectly with any omelet at all time. In the end, I hope your have a fun with what you make today and enjoy of your food.

    Vitamin that you can obtain in this food.



    Vitamin A,B,C,E




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