Make Sweet Potato Slips to Plant Sweet Potato




Introduction: Make Sweet Potato Slips to Plant Sweet Potato

Sweet potato slips are expensive. Why not plan ahead and start growing your own slips? Start about 2 months before the sweet potato planting season, which is after the last frost once the soil warms up. You will need an organic locally grown sweet potato. Do not buy the sweet potato from a big box store, instead seek out a small local co-op or organic food market. Often corporate sweet potatoes are treated with some sort of "no sprout" serum. Gross. Weird things put on/into veggies: another reason to grow your own food or shop locally.

-Organic Sweet Potato
-Jar or Glass

1. Fill the glass with water
2. Place the toothpicks around the center of the tuber. The toothpicks are there to elevate the sweet potato, so the roots do not grow against the bottom of the glass.
3. Set the glass in an eastern facing window to receive beneficial morning sun. Yet, protecting it from the hot relentless afternoon sun.
4. Be patient, watch, and wait as the sprouts emerge and the shoots come forth.

Once the Potato has Produced Slips
1. Carefully twist the slip(s) off of the sweet potato.
2. Place the slip in water.
3. Wait for the individual slips to grow roots.
4. Once the roots seem stable place in a small pot with soil.
5. Let the slip get use to the soil for a few days, then transfer into garden.

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    3 Discussions

    Jose Vega
    Jose Vega

    4 months ago on Introduction

    Liked it. Straight to the point. Short and clear so I can start rigth now.


    4 years ago

    Great video!!! It was exactly what I was wanting to know! Gonna start my own! Thanks for sharing! :)


    4 years ago

    I DID enjoy your video. Just what I was looking for. Simple, easy and direct. I just bought a couple of organic sweet potatos from my local strore and wasn't sure where to start. Thanks so much.