Make a Silver Ring for 25 Cents




Do you have a quarter from 1964 or before? If you do, it is made of silver. You can turn that coin into a nice silver band using a spoon, a drill, and a metal file.
A quarter will yield a small ring, size ~7 or less. You can get a larger size but the ring will be very skinny. If you want a larger size ring, a Kennedy half dollar will work well. Again, anything 1964 and earlier will be silver.

Materials needed:
-Silver quarter
-metal file

Optional but recommended
-Vice grips

Step 1: Find a Silver Quarter

I was lucky enough to find two silver quarters in my change, but unless you are looking, you may not find one. Any quarter from 1964 and earlier should be silver. They are much lighter in color than newer quarters. I've read you can use the the sandwiched coins, but the metal is harder and it wouldn't be a silver ring. You can also buy one at a coin dealer for a couple dollars.
DO NOT buy an expensive silver coin for this, you will be destroying it.

Step 2: Start Tapping

Now comes the tedious part. Hold the coin with one hand and tap the edge with a spoon. Turn the coin as you tap. Tap Tap Tap. Tap the ring in the center of the edge as much as possible. This will keep the edges of the ring from bending under.
**Do your tapping when no one is around, the tapping can get very annoying to others in the nearby vicinity.**
The more you tap the faster the ring will form. I was a casual tapper, I tapped while I watched TV. My first ring took a year to finish. If you're the impatient type you can speed up the process by using a hammer and a hard surface. If you do this you risk bending or warping the coin and your finished ring will look crude and rough. The small taps of the spoon give a much smoother beveled look.

Step 3: Size Your Ring

As your ring starts to form you will need to determine the size you need.
This site will convert your ring size to inches or mm.
Tap the ring until you ring size is pretty close. You can be off by a 1-2 mm because there will be extra space in the center to play with.
When you reach about size 6 you can see the date and the words "Liberty", "Quarter Dollar", and "United States Of America" on the inside of the ring. This will be your only proof that you made this from a quarter.

Step 4: Make a Hole

This part was the hardest for me because I didn't have anything to hold the ring while I drilled it. You need to hold the ring in something that won't scratch it. A vice or vice grips. What ever you use, make sure you pad it to protect the ring. You don't want all that tapping to go to waste.
**Also note that drilling the ring gets it very hot.  It can burn you, handle with care**

I drilled a hole in the center followed by a bigger hole and so on. Drill out as much of the center as you can. A dremel will probably work well here. I didn't have one for my first ring. Once you have enough of the center out you can grind away the edges with a file or dremel.
At this point you can play around with the size. Try the ring on and grind away until it fits right.

Step 5: Polish Your New Ring

I found that the small taps from the spoon gave a nice polished look already. You can use the dremel to clean out any rough areas inside the ring. If you opted for the quick and dirty hammer method you may need to polish the outside of the ring. I suggest several rounds of polishing, coarse --->fine grit.
After that you are done.

Step 6: What to Do With Your New Ring?

Wear it, propose marriage, sell it, give it away. Sadly you can never use it to play a video game or spend it like a quarter, but I think it's worth much more than 25 cents now.

I hope you give it a try. It's really very easy.

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oh and i just got off the phone with a nice lady at this place: Department of the Treasury 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20220 General Information: (202) 622-2000 her name was lynn. please call her or any one there. she told me that the law states that if you make jewelry out of money, and make it so you can not spend it any more. then its 100% legal to deface money. she also told me that if you watch the home shopping network and see all the coins that they make in to rings and necklaces. that a good way to find out if its legal. she also told me that she had a lady call her 4 days ago and ask her about making quarters in to necklaces and she told her the same thing.

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it is not illegal to alter coins into jewelry it is however illegal to make a coin out of a quarter and claim that its value greater than 25 cents. If that makes sense haha


Reply 3 years ago


... illegal to make ring out of quarter and claim...


Thanks for the info. With all the weird laws surrounding these things it's hard to know when you might be doing something completely innocent that violates some random statute.


7 years ago on Introduction

Where can I get a silver quarter?
If you wait to find one in your change, it may take forever. You can buy one but it would probably cost you more than a quarter. One way to get a silver quarter for free is to use a method that coin collectors use called Coin Roll Hunting.

Basically, you go to your bank and withdraw as much money as you can in the form of quarter rolls. Take them home and look through the coins for silver ones. The more rolls you get the better your chances are of finding one.  All the regular coins go back in the rolls and you can deposit them back into your account.

Good Luck!


Question 1 year ago on Step 2

If you do start to bend the coin from using a hammer and anvil and are pretty much starting, is it possible to reshape? Its bairly warped but it still kind of bothers me.

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Answer 11 months ago

You can put some thing solid in the center of the coin and tap lightly. A screwdriver might work but something with a larger flat end would be better. If you had a pipe that was just smaller than the diameter of the coin, that would be perfect.

It warps when you hit it too hard on the anvil.


Reply 1 year ago

For my first one: I used an awl and hammer to punch the initial hole once giving it a little heat from a Bernzo torch, after that, I grabbed an old paring knife and carved it out by hand.

For my second one: I used a Dremel.

Note: A Dremel and hot glue gun can be very handy tools in the crafting world, I've found.


Reply 1 year ago

I should also note the hot glue is great to surround the ring edge with and protect while using pliers or a clamp to drill the center hole.

However, as you drill, the ring will heat up so you have to keep cool water nearby to pour over the ring/glue so it won't melt.


Reply 2 years ago

There's not much you can do. If you use a small saw you still need a drill for the initial hole. Can you try to borrow a drill or a dremel?


1 year ago

Absolutely LEGAL....once that coin is in your posession....its yours to do as you please. I didnt need to call Washington.....GOOGLE IT. If i want to spend 30 bucks for a ring worth 1 buck in 1964 and make it out of a silver dollar that i own I CAN


1 year ago

I was wondering the same thing as "CultDoctor1". How do you get the printing on the outside as in the picture of the ring he posted. Personally I think that is more unique than having the writing on the inside where no one sees it. Why go to all that trouble just for a silver ring (band) when you can just go buy one (other than for the expense)? Just saying.


Reply 1 year ago

No it does not have to be American. Canadian quarters 1920-1967 were made of 80% silver. 1967-1968 were made of 50% silver. Even though my reply is over a year after the comment, I hope this helped :)

guidess misstania

Reply 2 years ago

Hi, I know this is a little late, but...

You CAN NOT legally deface Canadian coins. You can certainly deface an American one, if you want (that is why, in those souvenir penny-squisher machines, it says to use an American penny; it's not because a Canadian one won't work, it's because it is illegal.)

The Currency Act states that "no person shall melt down, break up or use
otherwise than as currency any coin that is legal tender in Canada."
Similarly, Section 456 of The Criminal Code of Canada says: "Every one
who (a) defaces a current coin, or (b) utters a current coin that has
been defaced, is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction."

Hope this helps. Just in case you wear your ring to the police station one day. :-)


2 years ago

Silver jewelry keeps you calm and healthy.I always prefer to wear silver jewelry.


2 years ago

If one does not know the size of ring for whatever finner (sic) ,
go to your local jeweler and ask if you can borrow their ring sizer . . .
(you may have to bring the person receiving the ring ;) )