Make a Super-bright Video RING-LIGHT

Introduction: Make a Super-bright Video RING-LIGHT

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Ever wanted to get that glamor look in your videos, or have an amazing flattering light? Well, in this video I will show you how to make an LED ring light so that you can give your footage that little 'extra something' to make it special.
The total cost of this build comes to about $25.


Voltage booster:



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    is there anywhere i can get a schmatic for this

    Hi, I've added your project to the "DIY LED Camera Ring Lights" Collection

    This is the link If you are interested

    Currently making, just waiting for the right step up ring to arrive before putting it all together. already soldered most of it.

    Hi - it looks like you're based in the UK - Do you have UK stockists for those components?

    not to offend, but those Leds are junk. I bought a lot and had 18 dead of 20. the Cree bulbs are nice because they are more efficient, as well as having a lens attached to disperse light.