Make an Altoids Pocket RGB Color Changing Led Light Show




Introduction: Make an Altoids Pocket RGB Color Changing Led Light Show

In this instructable i will show you how to Make an Altoids Pocket RGB Led Light Show, it is available on Ebay at this link    here is what you will need,                         altoids tin      solder-less breadboard       3 rgb color changing leds      4 jumper wires            2 AA battery holder with on/off switch     2 AA alkaline batteries    2" x 3-1/2" crackled ice acrylic sheet.

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Step 1:

Cut the breadboard in half so it will fit in the tin with the battery holder. i used a jigsaw but a band saw would be safer.

Step 2:

with wire cutters cut the led pins to 1/4" long and insert them into the breadboard, the leds will have a flat side [negative]. make sure all the flat sides are pointing to the same side.

Step 3:

with the jumper wires connect the leds together, positive to positive and negative to negative. now connect the battery holder wires to one of the leds [positive to positive and negative to negative]. insert batteries into the holder and turn it on to test, if it does not light turn it off right away and check your connections.

Step 4:

Place the battery holder into the front side of the tin, remove the peel & stick backing on the breadboard and stick it down in the back side in the middle. turn on the switch, slide the acrylic crackled ice in the front side and close the tin so it touches the acrylic, to fit it in your pocket open the tin and lift up the acrylic and lay it flat inside the tin. the leds will all start in synce and then slowly get out of synce creating unlimited color combinations, if you like this instructable please vote for it. thanx

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    6 years ago

    Awesome way to show a simple switch


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yea that stuff is hard to find, the home depot had some.