Make Tea With a Philips Senseo

IMHO the Philips Senseo makes better tea than coffee - here's how:

1 x Philips Senseo coffee maker
1 x packet of tea bags with disk like or rounded bags (Tetleys for example)
1x pair of scissors needed to cut off any labels or other strings

1/ Fill the water reservoir for at least two cups.
2/ Load the single dose cartridge holder
3/ Instead of a coffee pad put in the round tea bag
3/ Press the ON/Preheat button
4/ Place a cup large enough to hold two coffees under the outlet.
            Choose a cup that you do not have to tilt to extract as this will result in spilt tea.
5/ Press the two cups button
6/ Add milk / sugar to your taste and drink perfectly steeped tea...

(Tetley specific instructions : cut off the straining tab strings at the tea bag.
If you don't the machine will work but leak a little as water will escape where the strings hang out)

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