Makeup for Asian Eyes




Introduction: Makeup for Asian Eyes

Here is a very simple way to add dramatic make up to Asian eyes. It is light enough to try as day time makeup

Step 1: Prepare Your Face Especially the Area Around the Eyes.

Make sure that the face is clean and pluck the stray hairs around your eyebrows.

Step 2: Apply Concealer or Primer.

It helps to add a eye primer to avoid creasing later during the day.

Step 3: Set It by Applying Loose Powder or Face Powder That Matches Your Skin Tone.

Step 4: Apply a Light Pink Eye Shadow Over Your Lid Up to Your Brow Bone.

Step 5: With an Angled Brush Add Violet Eye Shadow in the Inner and Outer Corners of Your Eyes.

Blend with a clean brush.

Step 6: Add Black or a Very Dark Shade of Violet on the Outer Corner and the Outer Lash Line.

Always use a clean brush to blend eye shadow.

Step 7: Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Apply a thin line from the inner corner and gradually make it thick as you go to the outer corner of your eye. Wing it for a more dramatic effect.

Step 8: Apply Your Favorite Mascara

Apply 3-4 coats of black mascara, wiggling the brush as you go outwards from the base of your lashes.

Step 9: Fill Your Brows Using Eyebrow Liner or Eyebrow Powder

Step 10: Finished!

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    4 years ago

    I love natural approach and this is pretty much my weekend day makeup too- except: I need mascara!!! Ain’t a day without it! (But I’m blonde and look rather sick without color on my lashes lol).