Making Tassels, Tool Method

Introduction: Making Tassels, Tool Method

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Tassels are fun, and often over the top. They are also very easy to make.

Yarn, embroidery floss, raffia, or similar
A piece of stiff cardboard

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Step 1: Making Your Tool

To make your tool, you will cut a piece of cardboard about half an inch higher than you want the tassel to be, and about three inches wide.

Make a small cut diagonally into one corner, then into the other corner of the same side (see last two pictures).

You have a tool!

Step 2: Using Your Tool- the First String

Cut a piece of yarn a little longer than the tool is wide. Slip one end into each of the diagonal cuts to hold it.

Step 3: Second String Wrapping

Take the ball of yarn and slip the end in one of the two diagonal slits in the tool far enough along the yarn to have it reach the opposite side of the cardboard.

Wrap yarn around the cardboard, in the same direction as it started, several times. Like maybe 20 or so.

Step 4: Tie It Off

End the wrapping at the end of the cardboard away from the first string.

Take up the two ends of the first string and tie it tightly around the wrapped string.

Step 5: Cut It Off

Take the scissors and cut the untied end of the yarn off of the cardboard

Step 6: Wrap It Up, Again

Lay the end of the ball of yarn across the tied up tassel-to-be so the it's a little longer than the tassel.

Wrap the ball side of the yarn around the top of the tassel close to the tied end. Wrap it tight, and multiple times ( there is no hard and fast number) and making sure the original end of the yarn is caught in all the wrapping.

Cut the yarn from the ball, long enough to tie it with the end you started with, and hang down about as long as the tassel. Tie it tight.

Trim the ends.

You have a tassel!

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