Making a Loud Cracker From Another Cracker



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In India we get many type of crackers  specially for Diwali festival ..
lets learn how to make a LOUD crackers out of another crackers

obviously we need crackers ,,..

Necessary to know .=
Fire crackers have two part powers or some solids
1: powder that just start n ignite the cracker .. shows some sparks ..
2: the actual power that explodes. its really dangerous to handle.. so be careful...
 this powder burns very quickly n show smoke like mushroom shape...
but when we try to burn this power under no oxygen it explodes.

Step 1: Getting Powders

in previous picture u might have saw a indian cracker...i call it indian because i believe this is only in india ..
U might  having scratch crackers etc, 
In this bomb there are two parts as discussed 

to get powder out of Cracker safely 
> get a cutter with a guard
or get round tip safety scissors
>gently cut ur crackers n  try to analyse powder or any solid substance and ignore paper coz its just to create pressure

Step 2: Testing of Powders

Alright now u have ur powder or solids out of ur cracker
::::if u have solid.. mash it out...get powder out of it...dont hit it very strongly 
 just gently press it to get powders
::::if u have only one powder or solid,, this means this cracker is just to hit some surface for explosion
still get powder n see the shape u might get marbles too dont try to mash marble coz it not needed
in such case add  more  more marbles out to one pack n powder n add it to another pack .
:::or u get two powders

::: try to burn them ...
here is burning test  in images

Step 3: Making Cracker That Will Burst With a BANG :)

Now u have powders ,,n u know which one is explosive n which is non explosive,,

to make n explosion we need pressure n NO oxygen..that is no contact with air ..

Making container 
1: take paper roll it like 15 times n it should have  tight rolls....n diameter = max 3 -4 millimeters 
i used a match stick to roll the paper
2: apply duck tape or cello tape so that its roll may no open 
3: to create pressure make this to open from just one side ,, bend other side and let it stick on body of cracker

Body of cracker is ready for filling ..

Step 4: Filling of Powder

Use match stick(unlighted) or a paper funnel to fill the powder...for quantity details see the pic 
and put both powders with pressure ,compress them again n again while filling so that it have more pressure  ..

Explosive powder should be at bottom about 70 % of volume ,, highly compressed
n above that have in explosive powder  highly compressed

our Cracker is ready be care full light it out with match :)

Again dont make it so big ,,its for just educational purposes if any body try to harm other i am not responsible for it ...
be safe ...
its NOT fun always to play with crackers..  



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