Making a Sparring Sheld

About: Hi. My name is Caleb. I am a guy who likes to make things. My all time favorite thing to do is blacksmithing, and knife making. I also enjoy wood working, beekeeping. I like making things the old fashion way...

One of the hobby's I have is sparing. Witch is just the proper term for dueling with swords. I use Cold Steels training swords. Cold Steel is a great company, everything I have from them has stood to the test. And if any one wanted to start sparing I would recommend there training swords. I will put in a link to there web site at the end. But we were sparing one day and a good friend of mine said we need some shields. Now I have made wooden ones but none of them made it to this post.

So what better then any one who played knights remembers there trash can, so I just took it one level up. Our farm has junk all over the place and I found a 55gal steel drum lid, and I instead of scraping it I though oh I see a shield, and the end product was this.

Step 1: Things You Will Need


  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wrench
  • Sand paper
  • Knife, for cutting card board.


  • A 55gal steel drum lid
  • strapping, you could use an old belt instead.
  • four bolts
  • four lock nuts
  • eight large washers
  • cardboard

Step 2: The Assembly

I apologize for not having a lot of pictures, but please bare with
me. It is a really easy project you need to just pick wear you want your straps, and drill four holes.

My mom sews, so she made me some straps. They are fully adjustable, and have a quick release clip so I can take the shield off really fast.

cut out three pieces of card board and put them in the back of the shield, so it had some padding to take some of the shock away.

Then I bolted all of it together and sanded the shield down a little to take the rust off.

It is a really easy project does not take much time and is quite rewarding if you use it.

Step 3: End

Over all this is a very easy project. and for reusing an old piece of junk it was a pretty good deal.

Some Ideas

I like Captain America quite a bit so I gave a good friend of mine a shield and he did a nice paint job and the thing looks pretty awesome. So if your looking for a cheep shield that works try it out.

Here is cold steels training blades on amazon. I will say the gladiolus look pretty sweet with this shield.

Step 4:



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like the shield and the back-padding, but isn't it really heavy? maybe not so much with arm-straps, but I can't see someone using this with a centre-grip (hand-grip? think viking shield) without it being cumbersome. Also, did you pad the edges to protect your swords?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    In the end it is not too heavy. I would have to say you are right if there was a center grip It would be a little hard to use. I did not pad the edges but that is a good Idea we use our swords quite a bit so they look a little beat up any way. Thank you for the coment.