Mariah Milano's Crispy Thin Sirloin Burger Melt

Introduction: Mariah Milano's Crispy Thin Sirloin Burger Melt

I learned to make these because my mom doesn't like a thick burger. This burger is SUPER thin and fried almost crispy. You top it with grilled onions and a nice spicy cheese. I use Jalepeno Jack cheese that is just incredible on a burger! The bread makes a huge difference too because with a thin burger you don't want a huge thick piece of bread so I get a loaf of Italian bread and slice it VERY thin and grill it on both sides! This is a really great burger for kids or those who don't want a thick burger and like them well done.

What You'll Need:

1 lb. ground sirloin

1 red onion

thinly sliced soft bread

jalepino jack cheese

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