Material Fastener for Laser Cutter




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After Struggling with the best way to hold down warped and odd-shaped materials on our Epilog laser cutter bed, I've settled on a flexible solution. It is so simple in fact, I'm sure others have already come up with this!

Our aluminum honeycomb bed exactly fits 1/4" diameter general-purpose wall anchors. Find them at your local hardware store, sometimes called size 0. Make sure they do not have any extra barbs or other protrusions that might damage the delicate honeycomb!

We find the screws often included with the anchors are too large, so find a smaller screw that will just barely cause the anchor to swell when you screw it in.

Step 1: Make the Washer

I use 1.25" laser cut washers, but any washer with a small central hole will work!



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    1 year ago

    What a clever way. Will try Brackets to get even closer to the edges. :)


    2 years ago

    Brilliant! This would also work well when cutting lightweight things like paper or foam core, that blow around in with the fume venting system.