Mend and Make Do: Repairing Small Moth Holes in a Cashmere Sweater



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How to repair small moth holes in a favorite soft, cozy and warm sweater. 
I got one one of my favorite sweaters out of storage,and it had holes!!! Arrgh!

Step 1: Find All the Holes on the Sweater

So.... find all the holes. Very simple, of course.

Step 2: Cover the Holes With Patches

I bought a package of butterfly iron on patches and covered each hole with a patch. I thought it was appropriate and funny to cover moth holes with butterfly patches. All you have to do is follow the directions on the pack. 

Step 3: Wear the Repaired Sweater

Here's the finished sweater, with six patches altogether. Three are on the front and three are on the back. I really like the colors of the butterflies on the gray sweater.



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