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This tells you how to build a sneaky trap on minecraft pocket edition that is camouflaged completely and actually works.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need a decent amount of signs, depending on how big you want your trap. A shovel is also a good tool to have. You will need sand or gravel for sure.

Step 2: Getting Started:

Dig a big hole, either underground or in a desert. Put it in a desert if you want to make it a sand trap and underground if you want to make it a gravel trap. Make the hole as deep as you want it. I am making mine in a desert.

Step 3: Tunneling

After you have made your hole, dig a two-block deep and one-block wide hole branching off from your larger hole. Keep digging the smaller hole away from the big hole, creating a small tunnel.

Step 4: Sign Usage

After you have made your tunnel as long as you want it to be, prepare your signs. Place one sign on the bottom block. Place another sign on that sign and another sign on that sign, and so on until you have made a line of signs all the way through the tunnel to your big hole.

Step 5: Filling in the Hole

After you have ran your signs all the way to your big hole, keep placing signs on the sides of other signs until you have filled the second to top layer of the big hole with signs. After you have finished signing your tunnel and big hole, you should have a row of floating signs leading to a big hole with its second block layer filled with floating signs branching off from your sign tunnel.

Step 6: Camoflauge

After you have placed all necessary signs, take your sand of gravel and cover all your signs with it except your first sign you placed. Build a little mound of blocks over your first sign where it is semi-hidden but accessible. Once you are done, your trap should be completely hidden.

Step 7: Activating Your Trap

To activate, lure a mob or another player to that spot, and break the first sign you placed. All the other signs will break along with it since it is holding all of them in place, making the sand fall into the hole, taking the victim down with it.



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    3 years ago

    Clever! I should try this.

    Boby Fredrickson

    5 years ago

    This is on pocket edition not the PC version