Mini LED Lamp



Introduction: Mini LED Lamp

I came with this idea to make a little LED kinda glowing lamp powered by the USB. It glows in dark and looks really good. Hope you people like it and do leave a feedback

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Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

You will probably find everything in and around your house. Nothing expensive and easily available. I would suggest you to watch the video for step-by-step instructions just makes the work easier.
Electrical Tape, Blood Test Tube, USB cable male connector, LED(preferably bright white) and a resistor, Dish washing Liquid, Knife, Cable Ties, Lighter, Solder Iron, Solder, Glue Gun
Again most of things are available in the house and are very cheap. So let's begin

Step 2: Soldering the LED

Take the LED and shorten it's legs. Then solder the resistor to it's positive side after doing that cut the other USB wire leave the male connector as it is. We will need only the red and black wire cut the other wires. Solder the black wire to the negative side and the red wire to the resistor which is the positive side. Now the LED is ready connect it and check if it works.

Step 3: Test Tube

Now we will cut out the rubber from the test tube's cap. First take out the rubber part fixed in the cap with the help of a knife. Now cut out the long portion so we get a small hole in the rubber to fix the LED. It's better if you fix the LED properly in the rubber then put back the rubber in the cap and secure it with glue gun all over the rubber when it is fixed nicely so the circuit is water-proof. Some of you won't be able to understand so I again suggest you to watch the video

Step 4: Final Step

Now take the empty test tube and fill it with the dish washing liquid. You can use any color liquid of your choice but it should be dish washing liquid. After fill it up leave it for a while so that the liquid settles down. After that's done put on glue on the top sides of the tube where the cap sits then quickly put on the cap and hold down the cap until the glue dries. Put on some electrical tape to cover the wiring and heat it with the lighter a little bit.

Step 5: Try It Out

Switch off all the lights so it's dark. Plug in the wire into the USB port

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