Mirror of Horror

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Attention - Don't flip over

This is my halloween mirror of horror. It is cheap, quick and easy to make and has this kind of a noobish look to it. I've used a popular picture from the internet for example.

Step 1: The Cardboard

Transfer the shape of a handheld mirror to a cardboard and cut it out. Since I was too lazy to paint the cardboard, I wrapped it with aluminum foil.

Step 2: The Printing (no 3D Printing This Time)

Print out a picture you think is as horrible, terrifying and shocking as hell.

Step 3: The Picture

Cut out the picture and stick it on the cardboard.

Step 4: The Handle

Wrap a tape around the handle.

Step 5: ​The Labeling

Give a warning not to turn the mirror - and they will do it.

Have a good laugh!



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