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Introduction: Modular Handsfree Phone Holder From Paper

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A collar and arms system, that holds light things like phones, snacks or cups in adjustable positions.

Greate for:

Reading instructables handsfree (for building stuff)

Skyping on the go


Using navigator apps

Holding your drink

When ever you need an extra hand

Step 1: Fold and Roll

We use sheets of paper as base material.

For the arm, we fold five sheets of paper in the middle, and roll them on a hard surface into a tight roll, with the fold on the insied.

Tightly wrap tape around the roll. Wrap the tape in the direction that the ends of the sheets stick out, dragging them even closer together.

Now you should have a stable paper roll. For the arm, we need 2 of this rolls

For the collar, we fold the two of the oposide corners of the sheets in. Then repeate the aboth process. This way, we get a paper roll, that is very thick and stable in the middle, but bendy at the ends. Of this rolls, we need 5 or 7

Step 2: Putting It All Together

For the arm, cut the ends of the 2 paper rolls in a 45° angle.

wrap tape around the end of one roll, with out cutting it of. Hold the ends together, so that they form an angle of about 90°. Continue wrapping tape around the joined ends of the paper rolls. Wrap the tape very tight.

Fold a paper strip so, that the edges on the side are foled inwards.

fix one end of the strip to one of the paper rolls near the bend. Wrap the paper strip around the rolls, alternating between them. Do the same with a second paper stip and wrap tape around it again.

For the collar, bend the bendy sides of the thicker paper rolls in the right shape and fix the the angles with paper stips like aboth. Make sure, the part for the back has its ends going up, so that the collar will rest on your shoulders and not pull on your neck. To the back part connect two more rolls on each side, overlapping the bendayparts with each other.

Fix the connection between the back part and the side parts in a 90° angle, so that the back part will rest lower, than your neck. Bend back the ends of the collar and wrap them with tape. Bend the collar into form for a comfortable fit as needed and secure the shape by wrapping tape around it. To get a wider range of positions for the arm put a second roll on each of the shoulder parts, thus allowing to put the arm in a wider range of angles in the up down direction.

Step 3: Adding the Velcro Fasteners

Add the plushy part of velcro fastener on the outer sides and front of the collar.

Glue strips of plushy velcro fastener together, so that they are plusy on both sides and glue them to the sides of the collar, so that you can later wrap them around the arm, preventing it from turning and shifting. Make sure the plushy velcro fastener stripes connect to the uper and lower side of the collar alternating, so that you can wrap them around the arm from both sides.

Add padding to the front ends of the collar. Use a stripe of hooked velcro fastener to close the collar

Cover the arm with hooked velcro fastener and secure it with gule or tape.

Congratulations, you have a new phone (and other things) holder.

Step 4: How to Use

Press the arm against the side of the collar, in about the position, that you want it to be held. Wrap the velcro fastener belts around the arm to secure its position. The arm will lower it self slightly when under load.

Please act responsable with this, be carefull with your devices and do not let your self be distracted in traffic situation. I take no responsability for damage caused by following this instruction, or using the result.

I hope the phone holder is usefull to you and you have as much fun with it as I do. If you find an interesting problem, question or usage regarding it, or just want to be encuraging, I would be happy to hear from you in the comments.

Thanks for reading,


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    2 Discussions


    Tip 2 years ago on Step 4

    I think this would work better in pvc pipe, for durability


    Reply 2 years ago

    Right it is more durable and holds hevier things, when build in pvc pipe.  

    The reasons why I personally opted for paper where:
    -Paper rolls are much more durable, than I would have expected before experimenting with them. I am using the phone holder for about a month now. It was first just meant as a prototype.

    - Concerns for safety. If something goes wrong, you want the phone holder to be the thing that breaks, not you and not a person you run into.

    -Paper is very very cheep, easy to work with and everyone has it at home.

    - At least on me, it has a certain wow effect, that this can actually be done with paper.

    Paper has its limits and it would be cool to see a version in pvc.