Mousetrap Car




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Step 1: Get Materials

What you need:

4 eyelets or eye holes. You can get them at hardware stores,Walmart, and other places

1 mousetrap. You can buy these at most places. Including grocery stores,hardware stores,dollar stores,Walgreens,CVS,Walmart really wherever.

4 Lego wheels and two axels. You can get these in most Lego packs.

1 string. You can find these wherever.

These are pretty easy to find you might already have them at your home.

Step 2: Put It Together

After you have gotten the materials we can start putting it together.

Start by taking the eye holes and screwing them into the four corners of the mousetrap. You don't want to screw them all the way in. But screw them till they are just coming through on the other side.

Once you have done that push the axels through the eye holes,you will fit the wheels on them.

Tie a knot on the latch with the string. The tie a knot to the axel on that side.

Step 3: Making It Move

When it is put together you will turn or crank the axels so that it will be tight. Be careful to not let it go because it will snap.

After that you can put it on the ground and drop something on the latch. If finished correctly it will go about a foot to a few feet.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    how do u make the white boxes that tell u stuff about the pic