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Introduction: Mushroom Baby in Super Mario Bros, TV Game

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World famous TV game Super Mario Bros, we are trying to rebuild this scene. A mushroom baby always sit in the castle. After Mario clear 1 step, he meet her and get an information like the screenshot,

So he keep searching the princess until 8 level be cleared. This mushroom baby is simple to design because it's pixel.

Step 1: Print the Parts

I upload all the .stl parts files to Shapetizer, and set them free to print by streaming to your 3D printer. All you need is to click print, and print different parts in different color. Keep an eye on the colors (filament change). I make it used an UP! plus 2 , abs filaments , 0.15mm layer high, and the infill I chose the third option. Normal configuration.

After printing , you will get the parts like the picture showed.

Step 2: Hat Assemble

Insert 3 red sticks into the "Hat",white by the way.

Step 3: Hat Side

Put other 2 red widget into the slot on both side of the "hat" . Quite easy .

Step 4: Face Hand Joint

Join the yellow "face"(and hand part I guess) and red "body" together. "Click!"

Step 5: Middle and Feet

Assemble the middle part and feet.

See the slot? Notice the slot and direction.

Step 6: All Together

Now it's time to put them all together :)


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