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Introduction: My First Quilt

This is a twin/full sized quilt that I made this quilt when I was 17. I was in a sewing class and was blowing through projects so quickly I decided to make a quilt. I was the only one my teacher allowed to make a quilt with triangles. It took me just over a month to make. My teacher was awestruck.

The original pattern for this pattern called for creams and yellows. I said no! I want bold, bright and colorful! I found all these fabrics on the clearance rack and I knew I'd found my fabrics. The green and purple are a marbled glittery fabric and the yellow, blue and pink are marbled very tiny floral. The border fabrics fit so perfectly with the other fabrics. They have a slightly geometric  pattern to them which gives an awesome contrast without straying from my color palate. And the blue border contains green and yellow and the pink contains blue and purple, bringing all the block colors into the border, tying the whole piece together! I used the black as my contrast color to really help all the colors pop.

I didn't want to take away from the the pattern so instead of having it quilted I did a tie quilt. I took matching embroidery thread and in the center of each block I embroidered a small 'x' and tied a knot. With the embroidery thread tails sticking out from the center of each block it transformed my blocks from stars to flowers.

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    4 years ago

    Wow you did a beautiful job on you first Quilt. I am going to doing my first Quilt soon. Hope mine turns out like yours. Very,Very nice. thanks for sharing God Bless