My Photoshop Creations


Introduction: My Photoshop Creations

About: Current Motto: "I reject your reality and substitute my own." (I kinda stole that one from Mythbusters) Well, I could sit here and type out everything about myself, but then this would be huge (and a lot...

A bunch of stuff I've made using photoshop. Unfortunately for some reason the uploaded images look kinda grainy.



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    Thanks, it looks good as a wallpaper :) If you want me to make something spacey like that for you I can.

    Rasengan is a ball of energy its an attack, Naruto is an Manga, Anime, You know, nerd stuff

    Yeah, I know what they are.....I just ment I don't know anything about them, as in the different characters and so forth.

    Haha :D It's about time there's a channel with no commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D