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Introduction: My Room - Improved!

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To be honest, I'm really quite happy with my room right now. But everything has room for improvement, and there's a 3D printer at stake! Seriously, who wouldn't want a 3D printer? But anyway, back on topic. As you can see, I LOVE my storage space. Being a bookworm really doesn't help! I've already got a whole bookshelf overflowing with books, and I couldn't forget about all my trophies, trinkets, toys, games, travel memoirs, homework... I've designed my room so that the bed can fold up into the shelving, creating more space to relax after finishing my homework. On the underside of the bed, there's an awesome flat-screen TV. I don't need a TV that I can watch in bed, I'd rather read a book. Speaking of books, there are some handy reading lights above the bed, too. Then, we have the surround sound speakers, perfect for setting the mood during a tense movie. There's also one of those cool electronic fireplaces that I love for winter movie marathons. On the other side of the room, there's my desk. I whipped up a funky springy chair to spice up the room. The desk has small shelving units that I would probably use for shoes and homework. In the corner, there's a red pipe - this is my pneumatic transport system! Here, you can send anything that fits into it all through the house to whoever you want, whenever you want! Under the desk is the storage space for some trendy and comfy movie-watching chair things. Then, of course, we have the a boring old wardrobe. In fact, I almost forgot about putting it in! Too much space wasted. But we need somewhere to store our clothes, of course. And there you have it! My funky, trendy, spacious and pretty awesome improved room! Perfect for bookworms, gamers, sleepers and neat freaks alike!

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    6 years ago

    I do like the coil chair very much.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I wonder if they actually make them...