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Introduction: My Basement Workspace

This is actually my dad's basement that I have taken over with a home-made work bench with a recessed chop saw station and built in electric.  The work tops were old desk tops that my dad's old job was throwing away when they closed so he ended up with 8-10.  There is also a lathe station with a homemade lathe and a 200 dollar set of chisels and gouges that I found new at a garage sale for like 25 bucks.   Future additions will include better lighting and a proper dust collection system.



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    A homemade lathe? Where? Where? I'm on version 2.0 with mine now. In the attached image I am cutting a pattern for a new spindle drive pulley for it.

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    That looks great! I actually found an old lathe frame with the pulley head and a "live center" on craigslist for 30 bucks and cleaned it up to use. I had to get a new motor but there is an electric motor repair guy down the street and he had a 3/4 horse motor that was a warranty replacement (had a bad electric part in the controller housing that he fixed) so I ended up with a couple hundred dollars worth of motor for 40 bucks and he even wired it for me for free. When I get home next I'll get some pictures of the lathe on here (I'm at school till spring break).

    Hey thanks. I found the tailstock of mine in my grandfather's cellar, but the rest I made out of scrap structural steel stock. I averaged about a piece a day, maybe a bit less. Pictures get sized pretty rough on this site so here is another one:

    I made my lathe out of 100% found here and there stuff so the total cost was 0. I even wired mine for forward and reverse can you tell? Eventually I want to make a lead screw driven saddle for mine. But first I need to replace the spindle.

    I would if I thought my design was so good there was some merit in writing it up. But as things stand I didn't really break any new ground in lathing technology making it. Headstock, bed, tool rest, tailstock. All pretty common stuff in the world of lathes I'm afraid.

    I will say this though, I learned how approximate hot rolled structural steel is in its geometry making this project. I had no idea just how far out of angle, dimension etc. the junk really is!