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So originally, I was going to do an Instructable on my bedroom-office-workspace. But being the thoughtful son that I am (eventually, maybe). I decided I would do one on my Mom’s bedroom.

 My Mom is 96 and very hard of hearing. Living through the Great Depression, she has always been very miserly with her money. Through the years, she has spent almost nothing for herself but made great expenditures for her kids. She has outlived her younger brothers and sister, my dad and my sister. None of the furniture in our house was purchased as far back as I can remember. (Well, that’s not quite true, she did buy a $99 treadmill for herself)

 So if I won this contest, I would honor my mother by refurnishing her bedroom. Now how, I could convince her to accept it, I don’t know. I guess since it would be free and for her, she might agree.



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