Natural Lime, Guava, Vanilla Smoothie

these are the ingridiants minute made limanade( you can make regular limenade), breyers all natural ice creme, whole natural frozen guava and last but not least ice.

1) firs we put in about 4-5 cups of ice to your blender just to get half way up the

2) add the frozen guava about 6-7 of them

3) add the breyers ice creme about two scoops

4) add 5 cups of limeade

5) place the cap on your blender, place it on the mount and press either the smoothie button or ice crusher.

6) if its too thick add more limeade or water and you might want to move the ingridients around if they settle

7) once it becomes nice and smooth its ready to pour makes about 3 full glasses

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