Newsboy Kap

Intro: Newsboy Kap

I decided it was time to start my second hat project. This was the best newsboy cap pattern I could find. I'm not exactly thrilled with the final product. I messed up the brim and the stitches aren't as distinct as the Berroco version. Still, it's a pretty nice hat. :)

Berroco Newsboy Kap



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    There's a crochet pattern for a paperboy- looking hat in Debbie Stoller's "Son of Stich n' Bitch" called "Lidsville". It's the second pattern in the book. It's kinna been throwing me a curveball for the past month. But the one in the book looks like my idea of a perfect paperboy hat. give it a shot if you want a challenge.


    I love the colors. they really stand out in the last picture its like a rainbow mixed in with black very cool.