Nice Spice Rice

A nice spicy rice dish

Step 1: Ingredients

Cooked rice (5 cups or so)
2 tbsp sunflower oil
Onion, finely chopped
Red, Yellow and Green pepper, fine squares
Carrot, finely julienned
1 tbsp Masala
Tin of peas or corn
Chicken / Vegetable stock

Step 2: Method

Heat the oil in a pan and when hot add onion, cook till browned.
Add pepper squares, After 2 minutes add the Masala. Stir and then add the carrots.
Allow to cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.
Add peas and the stock, stir and when cooking nicely add the rice, stir constantly till rice is heated through.
Serve a.s.a.p.



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    Reply 2 years ago

    It is. I always add a bit of chilli once on my plate as my kids don't like it too hot