Origami Crane!!!

Introduction: Origami Crane!!!

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K. So I am going to show you how to make your very own origami crane! Quite easy once you get the hang of it. I make anywhere from none to 30 a day! You can make it with any size piece of paper as long as it is square!

Step 1: Thingies Needed!

I am using 6x6 origami paper. You could cut some regular a4 paper into a square but it tends to e a bit stuff and hard to do origami with but it works.

Step 2: The " Prep" Folds!

Fold you paper both horizontally and diagonally one of your diagonal folds needs to be opposite.


Now. If you did as you were told your paper should pop up a little on 2 of the 4 sides. Put your paper color side down and fold the poppy uppy corners into the middle. It will make a diamond square shape. ALWAYS CREASE WELL!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Bird Base!

Now. With the " open " side facing you, fold the left and right point so that it look like a kite! Make sure that you grab the top part of the square base. After you did that, flip you paper over and do the same thing so you will really have a kite! CREASE WELL!now fold the top point of the kite down. Do it on both sides! Almost done with the bird base! Now. Unfold the base so it looks like you square/ diamond in the beginning. Now! This is VERY important an slightly complex so I will take many pictures. Pull the top layer open tip upwards! It will look like a diamond. Squash one side at a time down so it really looks like a diamond.now do that EXACT same thing on the opposite side!your bird base is complete!!!!

Step 5: Crane!

If you were paying attention earlier you should have a diamond one tip of the diamond should be split. Fold your edges on that side inwards.do the same on the other side! Yay! Now you may wonder how does this turn into a crane? Well follow these next steps! Fold your " legs" up diagonally. Now you may see it now! Now this next fold is called an inside reverse fold. Follow the pictures!follow those pictures for the opposite side as well. Yay! Now fold your wings down carefully. Now. Does your crane want a head? Yes? Okay let's do it. Choose one side or the other for the head. It does not matter. Follow the pictures to do a neck inside reverse fold. ( that just sounds wrong...) Inflation time! VERY VERY gently pull the wings apart. Smoosh the center if needed. Our little friend is completed!!! :D like and comment please!

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